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Benefits of Corporate Wellness

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Corporate Wellness Program Components

After meeting with you to discuss your company structure and employee needs, we will customize an employee wellness program specifically for your organization.  There are small, effective, and inexpensive things companies can do to facilitate corporate wellness and healthier employees.

Replace unhealthy snacks such as chips with healthy alternatives such as nuts and berries.

Replace unhealthy drinks such as sodas with water and juices.

Step Challenges
Institute a step counting incentive.

Ease from Computer Tension
Encourage stretch breaks.

Promote corporate relationships with local fitness facilities and incentivize participation, even if participation is only once a week for 60 minutes.

Our corporate wellness programs include fitness assessments, individually customized personal training from certified personal trainers, small group fitness sessions, facilitation of corporate partnerships and discounts with local fitness facilities, assistance with nutrition labels and how to interpret them, and wellness seminars as to minor things that can be incorporated daily to promote health and well being.

We also have a network of mental health providers, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and more for referrals in all areas of well being.