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Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Why offer a corporate wellness program? There are many reasons why corporate wellness programs should be offered. Loyalty When employe...

Statistics regarding benefits of corporate wellness programs

According to the Harvard Business Review, corporate wellness measures are interventions and preventative actions.  Below are key findings cited in the article.

"57% of people with high health risk reached low-risk status by completing a worksite cardiac rehabilitation and exercise program."

"4% is the voluntary turnover rate at SAS Institute, thanks in part to a highly effective employee wellness program."

Numerous studies provide empirical evidence that exercise has a negative correlation with medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.  As exercise increases, risks of such conditions decrease, thus negating the effects of some medical conditions.  If companies mitigate certain health risks, employees will less likely experience illness and symptoms related to certain medical conditions.

For example, increased cardiovascular exercise helps increase lung capacity, which is beneficial to those suffering asthma.  Encouraging employees to engage in activities that increase cardio-respiratory endurance increases productivity.