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Standing Desks Improve Employee Health and Wellness

Standing desks are on the rise, because they increase employee wellness.  While standing desks may be costly, there are some affordable options available on Amazon.  Here are reasons your company should invest in standing desks.

1.  Employee wellness.

Research studies offer empirical evidence that standing desks encourage employees to switch positions.  Switching positions once an hour is a small step towards counteracting the pitfalls of sedentary lifestyles.  Increasing position changes to once every half hour increases those benefits.  Employees who switch positions are healthier and incrementally reduce risk of chronic health conditions.  This small step towards improving wellness, also decreases absenteeism.

2.  Employee confidence.

Standing occasionally while working can improve posture.  Improvements in posture contribute to confidence and self-esteem.  When employees are confident, they produce higher quality work, which improves overall corporate efficiency.

3.  Employee retention.

By offering standing desk options, corporations demonstrate their investment in their employees.  Many employees view employment as a means to paychecks as opposed to careers.  When employers demonstrate they are invested in the wellness of their staff, employees are more loyal.  Employees want to feel seen and heard, so minor gestures of appreciation can improve corporate revenue by encouraging employees to work more diligently and with pride.