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Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Why offer a corporate wellness program? There are many reasons why corporate wellness programs should be offered. Loyalty When employe...


Why offer a corporate wellness program?

There are many reasons why corporate wellness programs should be offered.

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When employers show they take an interest in their employees' health and wellness, employees are more likely to highly regard their employers and feel loyal to them.  This increases productivity.

Keep it Fresh
Offering corporate wellness programs, depending on how structured, keeps monotony at bay.  Day in and day out tasks get broken by interesting and fun fitness challenges.  This increases productivity.

State of Mind
Brain drain is decreased with programs that stimulate the mind and help keep blood flow and oxygen circulating.  Less boredom, more efficiency.  People who participate in wellness programs feel better internally and are more likely to be pleased with their external appearances.  Improved self-efficacy, self-esteem, and morale are great benefits of fitness and wellness.  This increases productivity.

Team Building and Bonding
Through challenges and shared experiences, employees tend to build relations and bond with their co-workers.  When employees are harmonious, they are more efficient, thus, increased productivity.

Healthcare Costs and Work Missed
Encouraging employees to stay healthy, and offering incentives to do so, helps them to miss less work, as being healthy decreases the likelihood of illnesses.  When employees are not ill, they do not require as much medical attention such as medical appointments and healthcare costs.  Less work missed, less medical appointments, and less time worrying about missed workloads, contribute to increased productivity.

Pride and Accomplishment
Supporting employees in their fitness and wellness endeavors helps encourage them to continue to be healthy.  Reaching fitness and wellness goals gives a sense of accomplishment in which they can take pride.  This increases productivity.

Improved Fitness and Weight Loss
It goes without saying that fitness and wellness programs help stabilize or decrease weight by burning calories, improving circulation of blood and oxygen, and helping with mental clarity.  Exercise also occupies motor functions that would otherwise be affected by conditions such as autism spectrum disorders and ADHD.  In essence, exercise decreases fidgeting, which increases productivity.

Exercise as a Drug
Exercise has been shown to alleviate need for medications by decrease stress and anxiety.  This increases productivity.

Insurance Costs
Some insurers offer discounts to organizations that have active corporate wellness programs. Saving money is always a great incentive.

Increased Productivity
The recurring theme is increased productivity.  What more could an employer want to increase income potential?

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Corporate Wellness Program Components

After meeting with you to discuss your company structure and employee needs, we will customize an employee wellness program specifically for your organization.  There are small, effective, and inexpensive things companies can do to facilitate corporate wellness and healthier employees.

Replace unhealthy snacks such as chips with healthy alternatives such as nuts and berries.

Replace unhealthy drinks such as sodas with water and juices.

Step Challenges
Institute a step counting incentive.

Spine Health
Encourage stretch breaks.

Promote corporate relationships with local fitness facilities and incentivize participation, even if participation is only once a week for 60 minutes.

Our Services

Our corporate wellness programs include fitness assessments, individually customized personal training from certified personal trainers, small group fitness sessions, facilitation of corporate partnerships and discounts with local fitness facilities, assistance with nutrition labels and how to interpret them, and wellness seminars as to minor things that can be incorporated daily to promote health and well being.

We also have a network of mental health providers, massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and more for referrals in all areas of well being.

Statistics regarding benefits of corporate wellness programs

According to the Harvard Business Review, corporate wellness measures are interventions and preventative actions.  Below are key findings cited in the article.

"57% of people with high health risk reached low-risk status by completing a worksite cardiac rehabilitation and exercise program."

"4% is the voluntary turnover rate at SAS Institute, thanks in part to a highly effective employee wellness program."

Numerous studies provide empirical evidence that exercise has a negative correlation with medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.  As exercise increases, risks of such conditions decrease, thus negating the effects of some medical conditions.  If companies mitigate certain health risks, employees will less likely experience illness and symptoms related to certain medical conditions.

For example, increased cardiovascular exercise helps increase lung capacity, which is beneficial to those suffering asthma.  Encouraging employees to engage in activities that increase cardio-respiratory endurance increases productivity.

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